River Water Treatment Plant at Pepsi- Sermsuk

River Water Treatment Plant at Pepsi- Sermsuk


Client: Serm Suk (Public) Co., Ltd.

Location: Pathumthani


River intake and pumping station with a permit work. Turnkey design and construction including the study for the complete WTP, sludge dewatering with  on-line monitoring of water quality.

Benefits: Reduce the use of groundwater with substantial return of investment in a short period.

Completion Date: April 2001; 12 months period

Cost: 36,850,000 BahtPepsi control room

The Client had contemplated the investment in a river water treatment plant to replace the deepwell water supply. Initial study by the local consultant led to the feasible investment of a new river water treatment plant to reduce the use of deepwell in non-product water consumption.

Aquathai was awarded the turnkey construction of a new water treatment plant with a technical merit featuring the detail design, permit, construction, procurement, installation and commissioning of a water treatment plant in their existing bottling plant in Pathumthani.

The new water treatment plant include the following work:

  • River intake and pumping station
  • 250 m3/h water treatment plant with:
    • One (1) RC high rate clarifier
    • Vertical filters in steel tank complete with automatic
    • backwash facility
  • Chemical handling and feeding system
  • Transmission Pumping Station
  • Sludge thickener and dewatering machine by a belt press unit complete with flocculator and polymer feeding
  • Electrical work
  • On-line monitoring of water quality
  • An Administration building housing a sludge dewatering room, control room, office/meeting room, a laboratory and chemical room Fence and access road with landscape