Bangkhen Water Treatment Plant (Plan 7)

Bangkhen Water Treatment Plant (Plan 7)


Client: Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA)

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Features: Large scale WTP- Sludge recirculation clarifier and dual-media filter

Completion Date: September 3, 2005

Contract Value: 34 MB of total 138 MB (G-BK-7)

Aquathai had worked as a consortium partner to the Consortium of ITD-DGT-AQT. The project is on a construction and detail design only. It is the seventh expansion plan of MWA for the largest water treatment plant of Thailand. The site is also the headquarter of MWA. It marks the total capacity of the whole plant to 3,600,000 m3/d with the expansion of another train of 400,000 m3/d from this project.
The scope of work include the local supply and installation of mechanical and electrical work with a commissioning service of the following equipment:
  • Two (2) Sludge Recirculation Clarifiers, each 58 m in diameter
  • Dual-Media Filters
  • Interconnecting pipe and fitting
  • Filter Control, instrument and electrical work